What Is the Difference between Just Playing Music and Feeling the Music That You’re Playing?

You know how to play an instrument but are you really feeling the music you’re playing? Are you someone who plays but never really grasps the entire concept of playing? To be honest, a lot of people aren’t sure if they are just playing music or not. When it comes down to feeling the music being played, it’s often difficult to understand and it gets most musicians frustrated. So, what is the difference between just playing a piece of music and actually feeling what you’re playing?

When You Play, It Can Be out of Boredom or Frustration

Anyone can play an instrument or sing. Anyone can get onto a guitar and strum a few strings but they don’t actually feel the music they are playing. When you are playing, and just playing the music only, you don’t actually feel anything and you can play out of boredom, frustration, or because you were told to. That is the difference between feeling and playing alone. You can really find that when you start out learning an instrument there is no passion and that you really are playing out of sheer frustration to learn.

When You Feel the Music You’re Playing, You Care

When you are playing a piece of music and you are feeling every note, every lyric, you are actually more passionate about that than anything else. Really, if you feel for the notes and are passionate about what you are playing then you know you are more than just playing the music, you are feeling the music as well. Being able to achieve this is not easy and there are many who simply never feel what they play. Your passionate and the things you feel for the actual music you play can determine whether you’re playing to pass the time or actually feeling the music. More details in this post: https://www.katiewilsonmusic.com/the-basic-elements-needed-for-a-successful-career-in-the-music-industry/

A Fine Balance

In a way, someone can love playing music but find their hearts are just not into it on that day. There is a really fine balance between just playing and feeling what you play. Sometimes, it’s down to the cravings you feel and your emotions. When you have talent but you are struggling to let it shine through, you can feel very frustrated and that can be one determining factor between playing and feeling what you’re playing. With music, it’s a really different experience for everyone whether they are listening to it or playing it.

Beauty of Songs

What you do have to remember is that playing music can be done by anyone and for whatever reason but feeling the music being played is a totally different experience. Someone can feel more passionate about every note played and that really is the difference between playing and feeling. When it comes down to it, music is a very unusual form for most people and they can use it to express their feelings but also showcase their talents. Sometimes, you lose passion for playing but it will return to you sooner or later. Why don’t you play and see if you are just playing or feeling the music you’re playing?

The Basic Elements Needed for a Successful Career in the Music Industry

You love the idea of getting into the music industry but are not so sure how to go about it. In truth, there are many in the same position and they are worried that, even though they have a decent voice, they won’t make it. There are, at times, some things which are needed to help someone have a successful career in the industry and it’s important to know those things. The following are just a few of the basic elements which might be needed for a successful career in the music industry.

A Love for Music

If there is no passion for music, what are you doing attempting to work in this business? When you are looking to establish a career in the music industry, you ideally need to have a love or passion for music. It matters because you can potentially pass by on an excellent singer just because you weren’t overly keen on them. However, it’s about the music and being able to spot good talent. If you want to become a singer, you really have to have a passion for it as well otherwise you’re wasting your time.

A Good Work Ethic

Despite what many might believe, the music industry is fast moving and requires a lot of hard work. Anyone who wants to work within this industry really needs to have a good working ethic in order to see good results. Remember, if you lack the work ethic, you might only get so far. If you want to reach the height of your potential you will need to have a good work ethic behind you. This is really a vital part of the industry and it’s something which so many people don’t realise.

A Creative Mind

Creativity is really something you need if you want to make it in the music world. Remember, there are fresh new talents coming out every day and so you need to be able to keep up with them if you want to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are a singer, musician, or work on the producing side of things, you need to have a creative mind to go forward. This might not seem overly important to you now and yet it will make a lot of difference later on. Creativity allows you to explore new options and look at new adventures first.

Success Is a Hard Slog: Be Prepared

It’s not always easy breaking into the music industry whether you are the artist or work behind the scenes. You have to be constantly on your guard and putting your best foot forward. You have to show others what you are made of and it will help you in later life too. Success doesn’t always come to everyone on a silver platter; it can take a lot of time and a lot of determination as well. A career in the music industry can be tough so be prepared for the fight and hopefully you’ll get to the heights you want to reach.

5 Helpful Tips in Creating Your Own Music

Have you thought about creating your own music? Coming up with a track or two of your own can be a great idea whether you plan to go professional or just keep it a private thing. However, what do you know about creating your own music? Do you know how you can succeed and how to avoid getting bogged down in the many ideas you have? Why don’t you read on and find five useful tips to help you create music of your own?

Jot Down Any Ideas You Have

It doesn’t matter where you come up with the idea but it’s important to write it down as soon as you can. Why? It might just be a winning idea for you. When you have ideas, you can put them down on paper and come up with a song because of that idea. It might not be something most people think about doing but it can be important. After a few minutes or hours, the idea floats out of your head and then trying to remember it again later, is not easy. In music, you should write any and all ideas down when you have them!

Why Not Try a Genre Outside Your Comfort Zone?

Have you ever thought about looking at lyrics or tunes that might be slightly out of your usual comfort zone? To be honest, you can find you love music that isn’t something you’re too familiar with. You can be as creative as you like and really enjoy yourself first and foremost. You can absolutely love the whole concept and in music you can come up with a lot of different things. Why not try something outside the comfort zone and see how much you really like it?

Bring out Your Personality in the Lyrics

If you are singing a song, why not sing about the things you know or care about? Bringing your personal touch to the song can be more useful to you than you think. You can say what you like on your first draft and edit it later. In music, you can literally sing about anything and everything and it can be great to bring the more personal touch to the idea too.

Use an Original over Score

It’s tempting to work around your song to a piece of music which is familiar to you, but you can’t exactly use someone else’s work. If you can, create your own original over score or background tune. This is not as difficult as you might think to do and you can have a lot of fun doing this as well. Music should be unique and trying to come up with an original over score can be simple.

Use Music Software to Create the Sound You’re Looking For

Have you thought about music software? Music software can be some of the very best tools to help you come up with a sound you love for your music and it’s really not an expensive venture as well. It really can be a fantastic idea to come up with music with the help of music software and a lot of artists do it. It allows you to get a sound you are really aiming for without creating it by hand!

Try Your Best

Creating your own music can be a very special task for anyone to try their hand at as it can allow you to be as creative as possible. It’s possible to create a song with your very own personal lyrics and sing about whatever you like. It’s the beauty of music and you can truly create a song about anything. However, this can be an enjoyable experience and it’s fun, too. You don’t always have to be great at singing to create music of your own!